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Have you ever found yourself waiting for your computer to finish a process so you could shut it down?

Or do you find yourself leaving your computer on all the time, even though you know a healthy system needs to be restarted periodically?

Auto Shutdown is a simple utility that allows users to schedule times for their computers to shut down or restart automatically. t's nothing fancy, but it's easy to use, and the scheduling is surprisingly customizable.

Auto Shutdown - Overview

Auto Shutdown is a simple yet powerful software that helps in Scheduling Shutdowns and Restarts for your computer automatically and hence lets you sleep while listening to your favorite music, downloading that huge file or having an installation complete without worrying about shutting down your computer.

Auto Shutdown lets you define various time schedules to automate the shutdown or restart of your system. It also allows you to select the exact date and time for the actions.

Auto Shutdown - Advantages

Power Saver

It helps in ensuring timely Shutdowns of systems hence saving power and electricity bills. This is especially helpful for Organizations & Institutions where there are a number of computers, and improper shutdown results in huge electricity bills and effects the health of systems

Keep it Simple

Auto Shutdown is absolutely easy to use, one click download and install followed by an interface that is absolutely comfortable to use.

Spy Me Not

Auto Shutdown does not install any Adware or Spyware on your system, hence it is absolutely safe and trouble free.

Free Now & Forever

Auto Shutdown is available free of cost and can be downloaded on a click (give this as a link) So share, spread and save !!

Auto Shutdown - Features

  • Time & Date Setting – Customize your shutdown and restart as you want, easily
  • Auto Mode – Save power with Auto Power off | Reboot | Hibernate | Log Off
  • Remind Me – Set a time to remind you of the upcoming shutdown time
  • Hot Keys – Defined hot keys for Shutdown | Close Screen | Lock System | Standby | Hibernate
  • Idle Time Monitor – Monitor when a system is idle to perform an action
  • Close Screen – Switches Off computer screen when idle and saves monitor life and power cost
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"Simple utility. Does it well. Compatible with windows 7"

- Jundle

"Simple utility. Does it well. Compatible with windows 7"

- Jundle